Love Affair
The Ultimate Love Affair
🙀This book isn't about affairs. It's about all the pain of life that tries to separate us from our love affair with God. And it is one of the many struggles I've faced that has tried to take me out. Shh...👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩I tell that story on Day 15. ✋🏻Maybe you've felt like that too? That the messes you've created or the moment of unexpected pain have hardened your heart.

Maybe you once had a connection with God that was so alive you never thought it would die and it has. Well, if that is the case, I wrote this book for you. 

💘Come with me on a 40-day journey to the center of your heart where you will find God has never left you. He's been patiently waiting for you to remove the blocks you've put up between you and Him.

I'll share my heart with you in the hopes that you can see your struggles as a gift to awaken. 🔥🔥🔥It's time to reignite the flame. God wants you to experience the heights and depths of His love. Have the Ultimate Love Affair. I dare you!
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The Ultimate Love Affair
  •  Day 1: How I got over rejection and was able to return to church
  • ...the rejection I experienced from my church at that critical, vulnerable moment in my young adult life, has kept me out of the church for over a decade...
  • Day 13: How to recover from the pain of your past and rediscover God
  • ...of the ten most stressful events in life, I experienced six in 2 years from an abusive relationship and restraining order to a parent dying of cancer to a pre-martial pregnancy and a cross-country move and marriage...where was God to calm the storm?
  • Day 22: How to release negative coping habits and learn to rely on God  
  • ...I tried to cope with life with alcohol, and denial, and striving for almost a decade...and ended up in the rooms of recovery.
  •  Day 36: You can rekindle the fire you once had or light it for the first time 
  • was 1998, and I was in Belarus on a missions trip....I felt God...and then the fire that was unquenchable became a flicker and then was all but extinguished...
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